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Oleh Prypin oprypin

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Last active Apr 19, 2020
Unused code deletion based on the output not being affected
set -x -e
check() {
mkdir -p /tmp/a /tmp/b
cp /tmp/a/
sed -i -e "${1}d"
cp /tmp/b/
(cd /tmp/b && crystal build --warnings=none || return 4
(cd /tmp/a && crystal build --warnings=none || return 5
oprypin / konversation.patch
Created Nov 10, 2018
Patches to integrate bridge bot messages (FromGitter)
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diff --unified --recursive konversation-1.7.2/src/viewer/chatwindow.cpp
--- konversation-1.7.2/src/viewer/chatwindow.cpp 2017-05-09 17:29:00.000000000 +0200
+++ 2017-11-07 00:13:25.359449297 +0100
@@ -278,7 +278,15 @@
void ChatWindow::append(const QString& nickname, const QString& message, const QHash<QString, QString> &messageTags, const QString& label)
if(!textView) return;
- textView->append(nickname, message, messageTags, label);
+ QString nickname_ = nickname;
+ QString message_ = message;
#!/usr/bin/env python3
"""Create a file tree with all chat logs from Quassel.
./ /var/lib/quassel/quassel-storage.sqlite
The file names will have this format:
The lines in each file will have this format:
[HH:MM:SS] <nick> message
oprypin / THE 99 HOLE.lua
Created Aug 5, 2018
My SHENZHEN I/O puzzles
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function get_name()
return "THE 99-HOLE"
function get_description()
return {
"*alice* is an XBus input connected to an electronic transmitter.",
"*bob* is an XBus output connected to an electronic receiver.",
"Receive packets of data from *alice* and send them to *bob*.",
"Numbers are between 1 and 26.",
View ~∕.local∕share∕kservices5∕open-shell-here.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
[Desktop Action openShellHere]
Name=Open Shell Here
Exec=/usr/bin/env fbf=%f /usr/bin/konsole
oprypin /
Last active May 3, 2018
Crystal parallel jobs from an array
def paralleln(items : Indexable(T), &block : T -> R) forall T, R
results = Array(R).new(items.size) { r = uninitialized R }
done = Channel(Exception?).new
items.each_with_index do |item, i|
spawn do
results[i] =
rescue e
done.send e
#!/usr/bin/env python
import re
last_lines = lines = None
with open('/var/log/pacman.log') as log_file:
for line in log_file:
if'\btransaction started\b', line):
lines = []
oprypin /
Last active Mar 24, 2020
systemd user unit + timer example

Save these files as ~/.config/systemd/user/some-service-name.*

Run this now and after any modifications: systemctl --user daemon-reload

Try out the service (oneshot): systemctl --user start some-service-name

Check logs if something is wrong: journalctl -u --user-unit some-service-name

Start the timer after this user logs in: systemctl --user enable --now some-service-name.timer

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