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Download ALL Snapchat Memories
#! /usr/bin/env python
""" SnapSaver - Presented by OpSec WareHouse ( """
import os, sys, json, time, requests, argparse, colorama
- Grab a backup of all your Snapchat data (works for banned accounts (up to 30 days post-deletion) as well) from here =>
- Install Python 3 w/ the modules Colorama, Argparse, and Requests (pip -m install colorama, argparse, requests)
= Preparing 4 Download
- Decompress the downloaded (.zip) file containing your Snapchat backup to any directory you wish (make a note of this location)
- Confirm you have Python 3+ installed by typing "python --version" (or "python3 --version" if you previously had Py2 installed)
- Should this command result in an error, please reinstall Python 3 and make sure "Add to PATH" is selected when installing
- Download this script (save as anywhere you'd like (make a note of this location as well)
- Launch command prompt or teminal and change the working directory to the location you saved the .py file to (ex: "cd path/to/file")
- Validate all dependencies are met and that everything works by typing "python ./ --help"
= Downloading Memories
- Navigate the folder containing the decompressed files you acquired from Snapchat, folder name should be similar to "mydata_1241642089169"
- Search for the file called "memories_history.json", and get a full copy of that filepath (ex: C:/Users/user/Documents/mydata_1241642089169/json/memories_history.json)
- Finally, execute the final command "python --memories <path_to_json_file>"
- You can also drag and drop the json file from the file explorer to the command line interface to make this step easier
- Execute the script and let it do it's job! You'll see a success message when it's complete.
= Troubleshooting (worst case scenario execute with '--verbose' flag and send output to
- "File 'FILE_URL' download failed, re-trying.."
- Copy the file url the program outputs, and open a new CLI session in the same CWD.
- Re-execute this script with the '--manual' and '--verbose' flags (ex: python --verbose --manual "FILE_URL")
- Hanging Terminal
- Exit session smoothly by using Control C (^C); wait a few minutes; re-execute.
argsToParse = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="SnapSaver (by OpSec WareHouse) - Download ALL Snapchat Memories")
switchArgGroup = argsToParse.add_argument_group("[switches]")
switchArgGroup.add_argument("-v", "--verbose", action="store_true", help="stdout DEBUG responses")
optionArgGroup = argsToParse.add_argument_group("[options]")
optionArgGroup.add_argument("-m", "--memories", help="JSON datasheet containing download links")
optionArgGroup.add_argument("--manual", help="Manually download file by entering the 'Download Link'")
argParsedObj = argsToParse.parse_args()
# Text Coloring Properties
if "win" in sys.platform.lower(): colorama.init() # support for windows
def print_success(string): print(f'{colorama.Fore.GREEN}{colorama.Style.BRIGHT}[+] ' + string + f'{colorama.Style.RESET_ALL}')
def print_warning(string): print(f'{colorama.Fore.YELLOW}[=] ' + string + f'{colorama.Style.RESET_ALL}')
def print_info(string): print(f'{colorama.Fore.CYAN}[i] ' + string + f'{colorama.Style.RESET_ALL}')
def print_error(string): print(f'{colorama.Fore.RED}[-] ' + string + f'{colorama.Style.RESET_ALL}'); sys.exit(0)
def print_debug(string):
if argParsedObj.verbose: print(f'{colorama.Fore.MAGENTA}[#] ' + string + f'{colorama.Style.RESET_ALL}')
def addDL2DB(tarFile):
def downloadSnapMemory(tarURL):
genDownloadLink =
if genDownloadLink.status_code == 200:
assetFileName_ = genDownloadLink.text[genDownloadLink.text.find('.com') + 4:genDownloadLink.text.find('?')].split('/')
assetFileName = assetFileName_[len(assetFileName_) - 1]
assetContents = requests.get(genDownloadLink.text)
elif genDownloadLink.status_code == 403: print_error("Failed to acquire direct asset download location - you must download all memories within 7 days of downloading your Snapchat data.")
elif genDownloadLink.status_code == 500:
print_warning("File download failed for an unknown reason. Please download it manually by using 'python --manual LINK' =>\n----------\n{0}\n----------\n".format(tarURL))
return True
print_debug("Unknown error - restarting download..\nHTTP Response => {0} - {1}".format(str(genDownloadLink.status_code), genDownloadLink.reason))
print_info("Downloading '{0}'..".format(assetFileName))
os.makedirs("downloaded_memories/", exist_ok = True)
if os.path.exists("downloaded_memories/" + assetFileName): print_warning("File '{0}' already exists.. skipping download.".format("downloaded_memories/" + assetFileName))
with open("downloaded_memories/" + assetFileName, "wb") as dataAssetStream:
for dataChunk in assetContents.iter_content(chunk_size=256):
if dataChunk:
except Exception as e:
print_debug("RAW ERROR => '{0}'".format(e))
print_warning("File '{0}' download failed, re-trying..".format(tarURL))
if __name__ == '__main__':
print_success("Welcome to SnapSaver - Presented by OpSec WareHouse (")
if argParsedObj.manual != None:
print_debug("Manually downloading file from designated download link => '{0}'".format(argParsedObj.manual))
if argParsedObj.memories != None:
print_info("Downloading Saved Snapchat Memories...")
if os.path.exists(argParsedObj.memories):
print_debug("Chosen filepath '{0}' does indeed exist.".format(argParsedObj.memories))
with open(argParsedObj.memories, "r") as memoryBackupFile:
memoryBackupObj = json.loads(
print_debug("Loaded filepath into JSON object. Looping through download now..\n")
for dataSet in memoryBackupObj["Saved Media"]:
downloadSnapMemory(dataSet["Download Link"])
print_success("Entire Memory Backup Complete! Visit for more goodies :)")
except requests.exceptions.MissingSchema: print_error("Failed to acquire direct asset download location - you must download all memories within 7 days of downloading your Snapchat data.")
except json.decoder.JSONDecodeError: print_error("Failed to decode JSON data. Either '{0}' is corrupted or it's not the correct file.".format(argParsedObj.memories))
except KeyboardInterrupt: print_error("Stopping download early, have a great d4y!")
else: print_error("Chosen filepath '{0}' does not exist.".format(argParsedObj.memories))
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