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Youtube video problem hunt
Title: Melisandre Is The Key To Winning The Great War! - Game of Thrones Season 8
Channel: Talking Thrones
WEBM versions are OK, other versions are truncated to 16 seconds.
> youtube-dl -F ''
[youtube] CaplXWM3sdI: Downloading webpage
[youtube] CaplXWM3sdI: Downloading video info webpage
[youtube] CaplXWM3sdI: Extracting video information
WARNING: unable to extract uploader nickname
[youtube] CaplXWM3sdI: Downloading MPD manifest
[info] Available formats for CaplXWM3sdI:
format code extension resolution note
139 m4a audio only DASH audio 48k , m4a_dash container, mp4a.40.5@ 48k (22050Hz), 95.59KiB
249 webm audio only DASH audio 91k , opus @ 50k, 5.14MiB
171 webm audio only DASH audio 108k , vorbis@128k, 10.01MiB
250 webm audio only DASH audio 119k , opus @ 70k, 7.28MiB
140 m4a audio only DASH audio 127k , m4a_dash container, mp4a.40.2@128k (44100Hz), 252.75KiB
251 webm audio only DASH audio 240k , opus @160k, 13.47MiB
160 mp4 256x144 DASH video 62k , avc1.4d400c, 30fps, video only, 44.29KiB
278 webm 256x144 144p 95k , webm container, vp9, 30fps, video only, 3.82MiB
133 mp4 426x240 DASH video 105k , avc1.4d4015, 30fps, video only, 77.41KiB
242 webm 426x240 240p 199k , vp9, 30fps, video only, 4.48MiB
134 mp4 640x360 DASH video 275k , avc1.4d401e, 30fps, video only, 202.72KiB
243 webm 640x360 360p 353k , vp9, 30fps, video only, 7.84MiB
135 mp4 854x480 DASH video 580k , avc1.4d401f, 30fps, video only, 431.89KiB
244 webm 854x480 480p 617k , vp9, 30fps, video only, 12.75MiB
247 webm 1280x720 720p 1172k , vp9, 30fps, video only, 24.64MiB
136 mp4 1280x720 DASH video 1188k , avc1.4d401f, 30fps, video only, 932.17KiB
248 webm 1920x1080 1080p 2174k , vp9, 30fps, video only, 47.30MiB
137 mp4 1920x1080 DASH video 2435k , avc1.640028, 30fps, video only, 2.25MiB
17 3gp 176x144 small , mp4v.20.3, mp4a.40.2@ 24k
36 3gp 320x180 small , mp4v.20.3, mp4a.40.2
43 webm 640x360 medium , vp8.0, vorbis@128k
18 mp4 640x360 medium , avc1.42001E, mp4a.40.2@ 96k
22 mp4 1280x720 hd720 , avc1.64001F, mp4a.40.2@192k (best)
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