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Async Show'n'Tell 2019

Async's 2019 International Show n' Tell

Thursday 7th November, 2019

Speakers gist

Would you like to speak on the night? You'll have five minutes to tell us about something: a project, a library, a technique, a story, or anything else about JavaScript, related tech (HTML, CSS, SVG, etc), or the wider world of web.

Please leave a comment below (you can use Markdown if you want) and include:

  • Your name
  • Your main website, if you have one
  • Twitter username, if you have one
  • A sentence or two about your talk
  • Any relevant links

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commented Oct 7, 2019

Daniel van Berzon

I will be talking about the new version of our code readability experiment at What we've learnt from the first version and what we hope to find. I might also throw in some linguistics, just to keep the tradition going.

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