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Created Jan 19, 2019
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compare team data
(ns sort-compare.core)
(def team-data
[{:team-id 1
:total-pts 7
:matches [{:schedule-id 1 :opp-team-id 2 :opp-team-pts 6 :team-points 3}
{:schedule-id 2 :opp-team-id 3 :opp-team-pts 6 :team-points 4}]}
{:team-id 2
:total-pts 7
:matches [{:schedule-id 1 :opp-team-id 1 :opp-team-pts 3 :team-points 6}
{:schedule-id 3 :opp-team-id 3 :opp-team-pts 6 :team-points 1}]}
{:team-id 3
:total-pts 12
:matches [{:schedule-id 2 :opp-team-id 1 :opp-team-pts 4 :team-points 6}
{:schedule-id 3 :opp-team-id 2 :opp-team-pts 1 :team-points 6}]}])
(defn compare-points-winner-first [team1 team2]
(compare (:total-pts team2) (:total-pts team1)))
(defn head-to-head-match [team1 team2]
"returns the head to head match between team1 and team2"
(first (filter (fn [match]
(= (:team-id team2)
(:opp-team-id match)))
(:matches team1))))
(defn compare-head-to-head-winner-first [team1 team2]
(if-let [match (head-to-head-match team1 team2)]
(compare (:opp-team-pts match) (:team-points match))
(defn match-comparator [team1 team2]
(let [compare-points (compare-points-winner-first team1 team2)]
(if (= 0 compare-points)
(compare-head-to-head-winner-first team1 team2)
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