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@orb /timer.clj
Created May 14, 2014

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(defn find-timer [timer-name]
(timers/timer ["APPNAME" "timer" (name timer-name)]))
(defmacro with-timer [timer-name & body]
`(let [timer# (find-timer ~timer-name)]
(timers/time! timer#
(do ~@body))))

clifton commented May 14, 2014

On our diversion onto metrics last night, we forgot to circle back to look at the timer. Here's slightly modified version:­

This basically wraps a named timer which (through code not shown here) creates a timer metric and queues it to be sent to Riemann. There's nothing magical here except the point I was making about being able to nREPL to the server. If we are trying to live-debug a performance issue, I can connect to the server and wrap the code I'm interested in a with-timer. We'll immediately get live metrics into Riemann and then into elastic search for those pretty charts I showed in kibana. When we're done, I can remove the with-timer.

I find this brilliant. It doesn't require making a lot of toggle-able metrics in advance. It doesn't require any tooling fancier than nREPL. And, it doesn't require any server downtime.

clifton commented May 14, 2014


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