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Custom Aliases for Ubuntu Server
status () { sudo service "$@" status; }
# usuage "status <servicename>
# Service Shortcuts
alias t-start='sudo service transmission-daemon start'
alias t-stop='sudo service transmission-daemon stop'
alias t-reload='sudo service transmission-daemon reload'
alias t-list='transmission-remote -n 'transmission:transmission' -l'
alias t-basicstats='transmission-remote -n 'transmission:transmission' -st'
alias t-fullstats='transmission-remote -n 'transmission:transmission' -si'
alias sickrage-start="sudo service sickrage start"
alias sickrage-stop="sudo service sickrage stop"
alias webmin-start="sudo service webmin start"
alias webmin-stop="sudo service webmin stop"
alias webmin-restart="sudo service webmin restart"
alias smbd-start="sudo service smbd start"
alias smbd-stop="sudo service smbd stop"
alias smbd-restart="sudo service smbd restart"
alias service-status="sudo service --status-all"
alias dropbox="~/Scripts/"
alias nfs-start="sudo service nfs-kernel-server start"
alias nfs-stop="sudo service nfs-kernel-server stop"
alias nfs-restart="sudo service nfs-kernel-server restart"
alias nfs-umount="sudo umount /srv/SERVER/*"
alias nfs-edit="sudo nano /etc/exports"
alias nfs-verify="sudo exportfs -ra"
alias reloadalias="source ~/.bash_aliases"
alias editalias="sudo nano ~/.bash_aliases"
alias editfstab="sudo nano /etc/fstab"
alias editnfs="sudo nano /etc/exports"
alias ls="ls -al"
alias apt-get="sudo apt-get"
alias myip="curl; echo"
alias histg="history | grep"
# SYSTEM CMDS (nobody wants to type SUDO)
alias iotop="sudo iotop"
alias top="sudo top"
alias nethogs="sudo nethogs"
alias nettop="sudo nethogs"
alias ps="ps auxf"
alias du="ncdu"
alias space="ncdu"
alias df="pydf"
alias diskspace="pydf"
alias killssh="sudo fuser -k /dev/pts/*"
alias nfs-mount="sudo --bind/home/scott/Downloads /srv/SERVER/downloads | sudo --bind/mnt/external/Backups /srv/SERVER/backups | sudo --bind/mnt/external/Books /srv/SERVER/books | sudo --bind/mnt/external/Documentaries /srv/SERVER/documentaries | sudo --bind/mnt/external/Personalization /srv/SERVER/personalization | sudo --bind/mnt/external/Porn /srv/SERVER/porn | sudo --bind/mnt/external/Movies /srv/SERVER/movies | sudo --bind/mnt/external/Misc /srv/SERVER/misc | sudo --bind/mnt/external/Software /srv/SERVER/software | sudo --bind/srv/SERVER/public /home/scott/Public"
alias nfs-umount="sudo umount /srv/SERVER/*"
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