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destroyallsoftware cheap screencast downloader
require 'rss'
#this assumes you have a cookies.txt with cookies... later ill add a signin method..
class Link
attr_accessor :link,:title,:date
def initialize(link,title,date)
@link = link
@title = title
@date = date
def filename
def download
p %x(wget -c #{} --load-cookies cookies.txt -O #{self.filename})
rss_string = open('').read
rss = RSS::Parser.parse(rss_string, false)
links = {|item|"/download",item.title,item.pubDate)}
links.each do |link| end

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commented Feb 13, 2013


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commented Apr 5, 2018

@bf4 lol just saw your message, this one is shorter, but I don't know if it works

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