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Created August 17, 2011 09:21
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Backbone.history.start() # see - error
class exports.RootView extends Backbone.View
el: $ '#container'
template: '_.jade'
initialize: ->
_.bindAll @render
render: ->
$(@el).append jadeify @template
# console.log('root view rendered')
# a piece of browserified express app
# ...
browserify = require 'browserify'
jadeify = require 'jadeify'
bundle = browserify
require: [ 'underscore'
, 'underscore.string'
, 'backbone'
, {jquery: 'jquery-browserify'}
entry: ["#{__dirname}/app/"]
bundle.use jadeify "#{__dirname}/app/templates",
watch: true
extension: '.jade'
# ...
window._ = require "underscore"
window._.mixin require "underscore.string"
require "./" # = _.mixin(s)
window.Backbone = require "backbone"
window.jadeify = require "jadeify"
window.onload = ->
# Backbone app bootstrapping =
models: {}
collections: {}
views: {}
initialize: ->
this.views.home = new (require './views/_view').RootView()
this.router = new (require('./router').ChartraRouter)() # last (it renders upon instantiation)
# app.router.navigate 'home', true if Backbone.history.getFragment() is ''
# console.log "#" + Backbone.history.getFragment() # ok
# Backbone.history.start() # Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function
# {root: '/', pushState: true, silent: true}
# The document is in copletely ready state.
if window.document.readyState is 'complete'
class exports.ChartraRouter extends Backbone.Router
'': "home"
blank: "blank"
initialize: ->
this.navigate '', true # @home()
# the it
home: ->
# to illustrate Backbone.history #fail
blank: ->
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Any luck/feedback on this issue yet?

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Yes, actually. You need to first 'npm install jquery', then modify Backbone.js to 'require('jquery')' as in line 35 here:

from this repo:

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Thanks for the pointers. We solved it by patching backbone.js and then using a custom npm module and aliasing that inside browserify. Works like a charm.

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orlin commented Sep 7, 2011

I ended up loading backbone (and other libs) via ender. Browserify is still useful within the same project - just not being used to its possible max. Patching backbone.js seems like unnecessary maintenance...

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cjroebuck commented Sep 7, 2011 via email

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orlin commented Sep 7, 2011

Just keep in mind require(...) is contentious - many would like to claim it. Right now, I require Ender-ed libs first. Browserify requires next.

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You don't have to manually patch any libraries to make them browserifiable anymore.
browserify-shim takes care of that for you

Works with all libraries I have encountered so far.

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