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Balancing the Budget

My talk is not about paying off credit card bills or the "fiscal cliff", or monetary economics in general. However, economic principles guide everything. When the subject matter has nothing to do with us, we tend to see the principles that underly our observations more clearly, and we explain them with physics or biology, but when it comes to societal matters, we tend to think at an abstraction level that doesn't incorporate a deep understanding of which of these principles apply. We therefore, typically don't appreciate how they affect our daily lives. I'm speaking of principles such as supply and demand, entropy and friction. These principles are fundamental and cannot be avoided. There isn't a desire to experience one or the other. They are always there.

Some principles, however, aren't fundamental, but have an even greater affect on our lives. These principles are unique to human society and are often contrived. One of the foremost contrived concepts in economi

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>>> for skill in me.skills.all():
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>>> # Hmmm, that's odd :/
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