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Last active April 21, 2018 15:23
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  • Learn mouse and keyboard shortcuts
  • Automate workflows
  • Unsubscribe from noisy emails
  • Keep your email inbox empty
  • Prioritise incoming emails
  • Use app to filter blue light
  • Use app for regular break reminders
  • Turn off distracting pop-up and sound notifications
  • Implement subtle icon change colour notifications
  • Open frequently used apps on startup
  • Suspend inactive web browser tabs to conserve energy
  • Separate and group work across several web browser windows
  • Use an ad blocker and privacy extension for your web browser
  • Organise daily work by bookmark folders
  • Increase font sizes to a readable level
  • Scribble notes on a new web browser tab
  • Close your session by integrating your notes into a calendar structure


Subtle notifications

Reducing resource consumption

Time-saving shortcuts

  • Android add quick calendar event
  • Gmail Labnol Unsubscribe Label
  • GNOME Ctrl + Alt + R screen recording
  • Gmail Quick Links Chrome extension
  • Chrome new tab notes extension
  • Chrome custom search engine
  • Chrome bookmarks and folders
  • GNOME clipboard indicator extension
  • Chrome extension access tab history recently closed tabs
  • Chrome extension Vimium

Usability improvements

  • Gmail preview pane lab feature
  • Safe Eyes eye protection for Linux
  • GNOME Night Light
  • Chrome built-in zoom
  • Send Markdown emails in Chrome and Gmail
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