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Tools for more digital awareness

Tools for more digital awareness

  1. Snooze Tabby: Establish new habits by making web pages reappear periodically.
  2. Anki: Train your memory using flash cards.
  3. 10 seconds of math: Practise some mental arithmetics regularly.
  4. Page Monitor: Receive a notification when something changes on a web page that is of interest to you so that you don't have to repeatedly check yourself.
  5. Safe Eyes: Perform regular eye exercises while working in front of the computer screen.
  6. Chrome Custom Search Engine: Directly search a website by typing in a specific keyword as the URL.
  7. FZF: Press Ctrl + r in your Bash terminal to arrow up and down your history and Ctrl + t to search.
  8. autojump: Type j Mu in your Bash terminal to directly cd into ~/Music.
  9. Switch Recent Tabs: Switch between recent Chrome tabs pressing Alt + q.
  10. Inbox by Gmail: Emails reimagined. Get all your emails done and never forget about a single one. Reply today and snooze until a specific day in the future.
  11. Blogtrottr: Receive website updates via RSS straight into your email inbox and have them send as a daily digest summary.
  12. The Great Suspender: Suspend those Chrome tabs you're currently not using so they don't drain down your laptop battery and make your system terribly slow.
  13. Tab Modifier: Automate what you usually do with your tabs, like pinning, muting or even renaming a tab!
  14. Wrona History Menu: Always find any website back that you had closed in Chrome.
  15. Open New Tab Here: Setup a shortcut Alt + t to open a new tab directly next to the current one.
  16. Tab Deduper: ???
  17. TabTab Search: ???
  18. Chrome omnibox: ???
  19. Close this tab: ???
  20. Development favicon: ???
  21. Merge windows: ???
  22. Move tabs between windows: ???
  23. ProKeys: ???
  24. Stylish: ???
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