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Created July 18, 2012 08:49
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afp.conf sample for osx 10.7 lion time machine with netatalk 3.0 afpd on ubuntu 12.04
; Netatalk 3.x configuration file
; Global server settings
vol preset = default_for_all_vol
log file = /var/log/netatalk.log
uam list =,
save password = no
file perm = 0664
directory perm = 0774
cnid scheme = dbd
valid users = @tmusers
; basedir regex = /xxxx
basedir regex = /home
path = /afp/tm_backup
time machine = yes
vol size limit = 350000
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v01pe commented Jul 5, 2013

Where do I pot this on osx 10.7 (10.8 in my case?) and how is this file used?

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