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@oscardelama oscardelama/loss-of-snr.r

Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Compute the loss of SNR we converting a raw image to a RGB color space.
avg.loss.of.snr <- function(color.conv.matrix, white.bal.scales) {
sqr.conv.mtx <- color.conv.matrix^2
wb.conv.mtx <- t(apply(sqr.conv.mtx, 1, function(x) x*white.bal.scales ))
mc <- apply(wb.conv.mtx, 1, sum)
loss <- mean(log10(mc)) - mean(log(white.bal.scales) )
# Result
# Helper function to build the color matrix
matrix_3x3 <- function(x) matrix(x, nrow=3L, ncol=3L, byrow=TRUE);
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