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Make IFTTT Date Format play nice with Google Spreadsheets

##Date and Time

=TIMEVALUE(SUBSTITUTE("{{OccurredAt}}"," at ", " ")) + DATEVALUE(SUBSTITUTE("{{OccurredAt}}"," at ", " "))


=DATEVALUE(SUBSTITUTE("{{OccurredAt}}"," at ", " "))


=TIMEVALUE(SUBSTITUTE("{{OccurredAt}}"," at ", " "))

To Use

Simple just place either or both separated by ||| in the
Formatted Row Input on IFTTT Example

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Borlean commented Jan 14, 2017

Perfect. This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot.

Just make sure you update the "OccurredAt" to be whatever the ingredient is listed as in IFTTT. Can't just copy pate the formula depending on the applet. Value 1 and Value 2 seem to be the OPs way of showing that you can still have additional ingredients besides the date/timestamp. Won't impact how the above formulas work.

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TedKihm commented Jan 22, 2017

I've got a weird problem where the ingredient {{CreatedAt}} from a Google Assistant trigger is not sending any data to Spreadsheet. All I get is an empty cell when using {{CreatedAt}}. I also see this behavior with the standard google Applet ID DMC8yDAW "Log notes in a Google Drive spreadsheet"

When I use the formula in Formatted Row:
{{TextField}}|||=DATEVALUE(SUBSTITUTE("{{CreatedAt}}"," at "," "))|||=TIMEVALUE(SUBSTITUTE("{{CreatedAt}}"," at "," "))

I get: #VALUE! entries
As example, the DATEVALUE formula in the spreadsheet resolves to =DATEVALUE(SUBSTITUTE(""," at "," "))

I get Invalid Applet if I use {{OccurredAt}} with this trigger.

Can anyone replicate this and either say it is working for them or not ? Any ideas on how to troubleshoot or is there another trigger that uses {{CreatedAt}} ? Thanks for the help!!

Using =Now() "works", but all past rows update to the current date/time every time a new row is appended

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PhilD41 commented Jan 24, 2017

I can confirm that it does the same thing for me. I get an empty cell with {{CreatedAt}}. Which is very annoying as this functionality is exactly what I was wanting. I need to have the timestamp as well though. I expect this is an IFTTT issue though.

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iluc71 commented Feb 2, 2017

Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for. If you tried then showed "Parse error" message, change local at Menu File, Spreadsheet setings... to United States. Thanks again!

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breedus commented Feb 4, 2017

@PaulNewcomb, =TODAY(), etc. on the column would pull the current date every time the doc's rendered

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breedus commented Feb 4, 2017

By the way, this solution worked great for me: feel dumb for not having figured it out on my own. As noted, you just need to make sure adjust the OccuredAt ingredient to be specific to your applet. Mine was AddedAt.

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jajube commented Mar 18, 2017

For an unknown reason it doesn't work with other languages even when you are using the correct functions and parameters.
In general, every function wrote in any language not English doesn't work well with IFTTT. It throws an error in the cell of the spreadsheet.
You need yo go to the Spreadsheet settings and select "Always use the names of the functions in English."

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Hi - has anyone managed to get this to work, so I want to use Google Home to log to Google Sheet with timestamp. {{CreatedAt}} is still showing as blank. The formula here doesnt work for me. Any ideas? Thanks MD

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likwah commented May 26, 2017

I have the same problem to do timestamp on google sheets. I used {{CreatedAt}} but it turn in to empty cell on google sheets. I also tried to use {{OccuredAt}} but ifttt refused it. Any other option to make timestamp that won't be recalculated on Google sheets?

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This worked for me:
=DATEVALUE(SUBSTITUTE("{{OccurredAt}}"," at ", " ")) + TIMEVALUE(SUBSTITUTE("{{OccurredAt}}"," at ", " "))


but I had to format the column as such:


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from today dont work !

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ghost commented Feb 23, 2018

This seems to be a solution

This works for me on a regular field {{CreatedAt}} with the trigger script

function addDate(e) {
  var lr = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet().getLastRow();
  var timestampRange = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet().getRange(lr, 1)
  if (timestampRange.getValue() == "") {
    timestampRange.setValue(new Date());

and then add tiggers as shown in the video (addDate for event from Spreadsheets on change)

I set this up to "record my blood pressue" for my mom

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jfretin commented Mar 20, 2018

Thanks for this last tip! It works like a charm.

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balexander85 commented May 6, 2018

👍 🙏

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ghost commented Oct 20, 2018

Thanks, Oscar. This is exactly what I was looking for!

I've just recently begun playing with Siri Shortcuts and now IFTTT.

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borazslo commented Nov 5, 2018

Another solution working form me right now:
=DATEVALUE(REGEXREPLACE("{{OccurredAt}}";" at .*$"; " "))

  • REGEXPREPLACE instead of the more simple SUBSTITUTE
  • use of ";" instead of ","

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Thank You sir,
Helped me make my time tracking sheet much more elegant.

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Another solution working form me right now:
=DATEVALUE(REGEXREPLACE("{{OccurredAt}}";" at .*$"; " "))

  • REGEXPREPLACE instead of the more simple SUBSTITUTE
  • use of ";" instead of ","

Thank ! I spend 24h looking for a solution and that seems to work!

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mbierman commented Apr 10, 2022

Uh... there is a much better way to deal with this.

In IFTTT, you add a filter you can format the date so you don't then have to play with it in the Sheet side.

For example, using the following filter:

let mytime = Meta.currentUserTime.format('l LT');
let update=MakerWebhooks.event.Value1;

GoogleSheets.appendToGoogleSpreadsheet.setFormattedRow(mytime + "|||" + update);

Which will format the all of the entries like so:

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moomdate commented Nov 9, 2022


function myFunction(e) {
  if(e && e.changeType === 'INSERT_ROW') {
    var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet()
    var sheet = ss.getSheetByName("Sheet1");
    sheet.getRange(sheet.getLastRow(),1).setValue(new Date());

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OliverK-dev commented Dec 8, 2022

In Google Sheets you can just use this formula:


I simply replaced {{OccurredAt}} with the cell reference -- i.e., A1

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