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On vacation

Oshan Wisumperuma oshanz

On vacation
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stevensona / delayed_job@.service
Last active Apr 7, 2020
systemd unit file for running ruby/rails delayed_job as service
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# Keep delayed job workers running using systemd on ubuntu
# Usage
# Start "sudo systemctl start delayed_job@{0..3}" to start 4 worker instances
# Enable "sudo systemctl enable delayed_job@{0..3}" to enable 4 worker instances
# Restart "sudo systemctl restart delayed_job@{0..3}" to restart 4 worker instances
# Disable "sudo systemctl disable delayed_job@{0..3}" to disable 4 worker instances
# Stop "sudo systemctl stop delayed_job@{0..3}" to stop 4 worker instances
Description=Delayed Job Worker %i
staltz /
Last active Sep 19, 2020
The introduction to Reactive Programming you've been missing
mperham / gist:1379464
Created Nov 19, 2011
Flexibility without Dependency Injection
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class TaxCode
:us => lambda { |id| "US-#{id}" },
:br => lambda { |id| "#{id + 9}-BRA" },
def self.generate(code, id)
gen = GENERATORS[code] || raise ArgumentError, "No generator for country #{code}"
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