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Here's how you can get server-side rendering with Ember + FastBoot and deploy it with

It requires an ember-cli application that doesn't fail when you run ember fastboot --serve-assets. Also that you have installed.

How to deploy ember with fastboot using

  1. ember install ember-cli-fastboot
  2. Add a server.js (example)
  3. ember build -p
  4. cp server.js dist/server.js
  5. Add a start script to dist/package.json (example)
  6. cd dist; npm i --save fastboot-app-server; cd ..
  7. now dist

So, of course this should be automated. Especially steps 5. and 6. Be my guest! But it works for now.

How to deploy ember (without fastboot) using

  1. Add "deploy": "ember build --environment=production; now dist" to your npm scripts in package.json
  2. npm run deploy

This is easier, since we are building the project locally instead of letting now do it.

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jmonster commented May 6, 2019

@oskarrough thanks for this write up! but unfortunately #5 references a dead link if you'd like to update the gist :)

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