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Last active Sep 24, 2018
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Numbers can be titrated, so at 5% the monthly SNT "tap multiplier" is 20%, whereas at 50% it might be 5%, etc. This incentivized people to opt in to this other structure more quickly.

Stage 1 Aggressive scale:

Tiny: 1%

Small: 2.5%

Decent: 5%

Medium: 10%

Aggressive: 20%

Reckless: 50%


Assuming 100 core contributors at 100k/y or 10k/m (super rough round numbers), for a burn of $1m/m, 'decent' would come out to at ~50k/m. As an example of calibration, SITG 1 experiment around dogfooding^Hchampagne drinking is at around ~10k (free additionally money right now).

Proposed incentive for matching donations:

Tiny: 10x (already done)

Small: 4x

Decent: 2x

Medium: 1.5x

Aggressive: 1.2x

Reckless: 1.1x


This works as a form of 'inverse regressive tax'. It's not exclusive with other types of solution This would mean the total capital cost to Status would be:

1*10=10%; (2.5-1)*4=6%; (5-2.5)*2=5%; (10-5)*1.5=7.5%; (20-10)*1.2=12%; (50-20)*1.1=33%; (100-50)=52.5%;

I.e. in total 10+6+5+7.5+12+33+52.5=126% or roughly 25% premium for (a) moving completely from USD to SNT (b) having more fine-grained control over funds and outcomes in a decentralization fashion. Of course, specific numbers can be tweaked but as a rough example.

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