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Detect browser CSS capabilities by looking for DOM property references
* @author Razvan Caliman,
* wrapper for browser sniffing / capabilities check methods
var browser = {};
* Check if the browser has a CSS property and is capable of using it via DOM scripting
* @param {String} propetyName
* name of the css property to check for in the browser
* @return {Boolean}
browser.hasCssProperty = function(propertyName){
//look for a dashed CSS property like max-height
var pName = propertyName.split("-");
//convert dashed CSS properties (max-height) to camelCase DOM properties (maxHeight)
if (pName.length > 1){
//start building the DOM property name
propertyName = pName[0];
for (var i=1; i<pName.length; i++){
//Uppercase the first letter
propertyName += pName[i].substr(0,1).toUpperCase();
//Concat the rest of the word, without the first letter
propertyName += pName[i].substr(1);
var testEl = document.createElement('div');
return ([propertyName] !== undefined)
? true
: false;
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