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Geokit engine
-- Geokit 4th try: perfect fit
local function deg2num(lon, lat, zoom)
local n = 2 ^ zoom
local lon_deg = tonumber(lon)
local lat_rad = math.rad(lat)
local xtile = n * ((lon_deg + 180) / 360)
local ytile = n * (1 - (math.log(math.tan(lat_rad) + (1 / math.cos(lat_rad))) / math.pi)) / 2
return xtile, ytile
To know when tile URL /known url/ is downloaded to path /known path/:
local f = -- Try to open that path.
if f ~= nil then -- Tile was downloaded already.
Claim tile URL (url) is downloaded to path (path).
else -- Make HTTP request to get the tile.
When URL (url) has contents /contents/:
write_file(path, contents)
Claim tile URL (url) is downloaded to path (path).
function get_tile_url_and_path(url_template, zoom, xtile, ytile)
local url = string.format(url_template, zoom, xtile, ytile)
local filename = url:gsub("%W", "_")
local path = "shared/geokit-tiles/"..filename..".png"
return url, path
When /someone/ wishes /page/ shows tilelayer /url_template/ with options /opts/,
/page/ wishes /target/ shows tilelayer /something/ with options /something/,
page ~= target:
opts = rt.table(opts) -- Make a mutable copy of opts
opts.priority = 1 + (opts.priority or 1)
Wish (target) shows tilelayer (url_template) with options (opts).
When /someone/ wishes /map/ shows tilelayer /url_template/ with options /opts/,
/map/ is geomap of bbox /bbox/,
/map/ has width /width/, /map/ has height /height/:
-- Made-up formula to guess a good zoom from width of bbox.
local zoom = math.log(360 / (bbox.right - bbox.left)) / math.log(2)
zoom = math.ceil(zoom + width/16 - 1) -- experimentally determined width factor
local max_zoom = opts.max_zoom or 17
if zoom > max_zoom then zoom = max_zoom end
local xtile_left, ytile_top = deg2num(bbox.left,, zoom)
local xtile_right, ytile_bottom = deg2num(bbox.right, bbox.bottom, zoom)
local tilesize = width / (xtile_right - xtile_left)
for xtile=math.floor(xtile_left),math.floor(xtile_right) do
for ytile=math.floor(ytile_top),math.floor(ytile_bottom) do
local url, path = get_tile_url_and_path(url_template, zoom, xtile, ytile)
When tile URL (url) is downloaded to path (path):
local ill = new_illumination()
ill:image { filename=path, scale=1,
x=tilesize * (xtile - xtile_left),
y=tilesize * (ytile - ytile_top),
width=tilesize, height=tilesize }
Wish (map) has illumination (ill) with priority (opts.priority or 1).
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randito commented Sep 30, 2018

Can I ask a question?

What's the purpose of the To know when tile URL /known url/ is downloaded to path /known path/: construct?

How does To know work in relation to wish, claim, when? It seems slightly different. It's almost like you want that code (which is pretty easy to follow) to trigger for when tile URL /url/ is downloaded to path /path/ but also has these known values.

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