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Trie implementation in Python
class Node(object):
A single node of a trie.
Children of nodes are defined in a dictionary
where each (key, value) pair is in the form of
(Node.key, Node() object).
def __init__(self, key, data=None):
self.key = key = data # data is set to None if node is not the final char of string
self.children = {}
class Trie(object):
A simple Trie with insert, search, and starts_with methods.
def __init__(self):
self.head = Node(None)
Inserts string in the trie.
def insert(self, string):
curr_node = self.head
for char in string:
if char not in curr_node.children:
curr_node.children[char] = Node(char)
curr_node = curr_node.children[char]
# When we have reached the end of the string, set the curr_node's data to string.
# This also denotes that curr_node represents the final character of string. = string
Returns if string exists in the trie
def search(self, string):
curr_node = self.head
for char in string:
if char in curr_node.children:
curr_node = curr_node.children[char]
return False
# Reached the end of string,
# If curr_node has data (i.e. curr_node is not None), string exists in the trie
if ( != None):
return True
Returns a list of words in the trie
that starts with the given prefix.
def starts_with(self, prefix):
curr_node = self.head
result = []
subtrie = None
# Locate the prefix in the trie,
# and make subtrie point to prefix's last character Node
for char in prefix:
if char in curr_node.children:
curr_node = curr_node.children[char]
subtrie = curr_node
return None
# Using BFS, traverse through the prefix subtrie,
# and look for nodes with non-null data fields.
queue = list(subtrie.children.values())
while queue:
curr = queue.pop()
if != None:
queue += list(curr.children.values())
return result
# Test
t = Trie()
words = ["romane", "romanus", "romulus", "ruben", 'rubens', 'ruber', 'rubicon', 'ruler']
for word in words:

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@HongsupOH HongsupOH commented Oct 26, 2019

안녕하세요 글 잘읽었습니다. 다름아니라 starts_with에서 queue를 쓰셨는데 curr = queue.pop()으로 하셨네요. queue.pop(0)으로 바꾸시는게 맞은것 같아서요. 물론 답은 같은 답이 나오기는 합니다. 어쨌든 잘읽었습니다.

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