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ostcar / code.go
Created Nov 12, 2022
Show memory usage in go services
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// From
func intToByte(s uint64) string {
sizes := []string{"B", "kB", "MB", "GB", "TB", "PB", "EB"}
base := 1000.0
logn := func(n, b float64) float64 {
return math.Log(n) / math.Log(b)
if s < 10 {
ostcar / bigjson.go
Created Jan 13, 2020
Test decoding of big list of ints
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package main
import (
ostcar /
Last active Jan 25, 2019
Example for an all_data_dict
from collections import UserDict
from typing import Any, Dict, Generator, Tuple, Union
ElementID = Tuple[str, int]
Element = Dict[str, Any]
CollectionType = Union[Dict[int, Element], "Collection"]
class AllData(UserDict):
def __init__(self, initialdata: Dict[str, CollectionType]) -> None:
ostcar /
Created Nov 11, 2016
Test mass connection to the openslides projector
#!/usr/bin/env python
import asyncio
import functools
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
import websockets
WEBSOCKET_URI = 'ws://localhost:8000/ws/projector/1/'

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am ostcar on github.
  • I am ostcar ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASCTQlqdzbn1FxrCM8hmPe1KsjR1IcTcj0V0y3Cofv9qogo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

ostcar / openslides.yml
Created May 10, 2016
Create openslides inside ubuntu 16.04
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- hosts: openslides
become: yes
settings_path: /etc/openslides
user_data_path: /usr/local/lib/openslides
secure_key: 'MakeMeRANDOM'
ostcar / openslides.yml
Created Oct 26, 2015
ansible playbook to install an openslides system
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# This script excepts an up to date archlinux system with installed python2,
# openssh and sudo and a user account with sudo permissions you can connect
# to.
- hosts: openslides
- name: Install required packages and update package cache
name: "{{ item }}"
ostcar / inyoka_dev.yml
Created Oct 13, 2015
systemd-nspawn config for inyoka providing mysql and redis
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- hosts: inyoka_dev
- name: enable network
name: "{{ item }}"
state: started
enabled: yes
ostcar /
Created Oct 13, 2015
redis get_or_set
class RedisCache(_RedisCache):
Wrapper to redis cache that creates status keys for the time a value is
Idea from
def get_or_set(self, key, callback, timeout=None, update_time=6):
Get a key if it exists. Creates it if other case.
ostcar / Anleitung.rst
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Anleitung zum versenden der eigenen Passwörter an eine Vertrauensperson (in german)
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Key Export

Mit dieser Anleitung wird erklärt, wie Passwörter an vertrauensvolle Personen verteilt werden können.