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Last active January 28, 2023 19:14
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#lang racket/base
(require racket/function)
(struct command (subproc stdout stdin))
(define (start cmd-str . args)
(define-values (subp out in _err)
(if (null? args)
; 'new is important - without it, killing the subprocess will not
; kill any of its subprocesses
(subprocess #f #f 'stdout 'new cmd-str)
(apply subprocess #f #f 'stdout 'new cmd-str args)))
(command subp out in))
(define (flush/close cmd flush-proc #:kill? [kill? #f])
(when kill? (subprocess-kill (command-subproc cmd) #t))
(flush-proc (command-stdout cmd))
(close-input-port (command-stdout cmd))
(close-output-port (command-stdin cmd)))
(define read-avail-string
(let ([buffer-bytes (make-bytes 1000 65)])
(λ (p)
(define bcount (read-bytes-avail! buffer-bytes p))
(if (eof-object? bcount) "" (bytes->string/utf-8 (subbytes buffer-bytes 0 bcount))))))
(define (handle-port-data! p)
(display (read-avail-string p)))
(define current-command (void))
(define current-monitor-thread (void))
(define (start/monitor cmd-str . args)
(set! current-command (apply start cmd-str args))
(define stdout (command-stdout current-command))
(set! current-monitor-thread
(thunk* (flush/close current-command handle-port-data! #:kill? #t)
(display "🛑\n"))])
(let loop ()
(handle-evt stdout (λ (p) (handle-port-data! p) (loop)))
(handle-evt (command-subproc current-command)
(thunk* (flush/close current-command handle-port-data!)
(display "🟦\n"))))))))))
(define cmds
#hasheq((pollen . ("pollen" "start"))
(sw . ("static-web"))))
(define dirs
#hasheq((pollen . "/Users/joel/code/try-pollen")
(sw . "/Users/joel/code/joeldueckdotcom/jdcom/publish")))
(define (go [v 'sw])
(current-directory (hash-ref dirs v))
(apply start/monitor "/Applications/Racket v8.7/bin/raco" (hash-ref cmds v)))
(define (end)
(break-thread current-monitor-thread))
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The mystery: why, when using start/monitor to run raco static-web is the output sent to the subprocess’s stdout not available to sync until the process terminates?


(result is the same using the CLI REPL)

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Contrast with:


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