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Last active November 8, 2016 07:28
What would you like to do?
mostly for my own reference, but you can read it if you want
President: Hillary (ugh)
Senator: nope
Representative, D12: nope / Preston Picus
State Senate: Jane Kim
Assembly, District 19: nope
Superior Court Judge, Office No. 7: Victor Hwang
Board of Education: Stevon Cook, Matt Haney, Mark Sanchez
Community College Board: Rafael Mandelman, Tom Temprano, Shanell Williams
BART Board, D7: Lateefah Simon
BART Board, D9: Bevan Dufty (ugh ugh)
Board of Supervisors, D7: Norman Yee
California propositions:
51: N
52: Y
53: N
54: Y, but only because it prevents last-minute shenanigans
55: Y
56: N
57: Y not
58: Y
59: Y
60: N
61: N
62: Y
63: N
64: Y
65: N
66: N
67: Y
SF propositions:
A: Y
B: Y
C: Y
D: Y
E: Y
F: Y
G: N
H: Y
I: N
J: N
K: N
L: Y
M: Y
N: Y
O: N
P: N
Q: eat shit
R: 🔥 (N)
S: Y
T: Y
U: this city! (N)
V: I love you but I've chosen darkness (N)
W: ☭ (Y)
X: Y
Regional proposition:
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