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Dear Developer,

Our records indicate that you have a Chrome Web Store extension, “beta.艦これウィジェット", with ID: egkgleinehaapbpijnlpbllfeejjpceb published in the Chrome Web Store.

We are sending you this email to notify you of a recent update to the Chrome Web Store Program Policy. On December 19, 2013, Chrome announced the following Extension Quality guidelines: An extension should have a single purpose that is clear to users. Do not create an extension that requires users to accept bundles of unrelated functionality, such as an email notifier and a news headline aggregator. If two pieces of functionality are clearly separate, they should be put into two different extensions, and users should have the ability to install and uninstall them separately. For example, functionality that displays product ratings and reviews, but also injects ads into web pages, should not be bundled into a single extension. Similarly, toolbars that provide a broad array of functionality or entry points into services are better delivered as separate extensions, so that users can select the services they want.

For new extensions and existing extensions that have moved out of compliance after December 19, 2013, the policy will go into effect immediately. We're not going to start enforcing the policy for other existing extensions in the Web Store until June 2014 in order to give developers time to adapt their code. Please take a moment to review your items, make appropriate changes and re-publish in your developer dashboard to ensure compliance with our policies.

For more information regarding the policy change and transition, please refer to our external blog post.

Please do not reply to this email - the response is not monitored.

Thanks, Google Chrome Web Store Team

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