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Last active April 2, 2024 17:51
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Simple recommendation system written in Ruby based on Jaccard index.
# Simple Recommendation Engine in Ruby
# Visit:
# Author: Oto Brglez <>
class Book <
def words
@words ||= self.title.gsub(/[a-zA-Z]{3,}/).map(&:downcase).uniq.sort
class BookRecommender
def initialize book, books
@book, @books = book, books
def recommendations! do |this_book|
this_book.define_singleton_method(:jaccard_index) do @jaccard_index; end
this_book.define_singleton_method("jaccard_index=") do |index|
@jaccard_index = index || 0.0
intersection = (@book.words & this_book.words).size
union = (@book.words | this_book.words).size
this_book.jaccard_index = (intersection.to_f / union.to_f) rescue 0.0
end.sort_by { |book| 1 - book.jaccard_index }
# Usage
# Load books from this file
BOOKS ="\n").map { |l| }
# Create initial book
this_book ="Ruby programming language")
# Load recommender
recommender =, BOOKS)
# Find recommendations
recommended_books = recommender.recommendations
# Show books that match the most
recommended_books.each do |book|
puts "#{book.title} (#{'%.2f' % book.jaccard_index})"
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Could Ruby save the day
Python will rock your world
Is Ruby better than Python
Programming in Ruby is fun
Python to the moon
Programming languages of the future
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