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grafana 1.54 config for influxdb
/** @scratch /configuration/config.js/1
* == Configuration
* config.js is where you will find the core Grafana configuration. This file contains parameter that
* must be set before Grafana is run for the first time.
function (Settings) {
"use strict";
return new Settings({
* elasticsearch url:
* For Basic authentication use:
elasticsearch: "http://"+window.location.hostname+":9200",
* graphite-web url:
* For Basic authentication use:
* Basic authentication requires special HTTP headers to be configured
* in nginx or apache for cross origin domain sharing to work (CORS).
* Check install documentation on github
//graphiteUrl: "http://"+window.location.hostname+":8080",
datasources: {
influx: {
default: true,
type: 'influxdb',
url: "http://PUBLIC_HOSTNAME:8086/db/test1",
username: 'root',
password: 'root'
default_route: '/dashboard/file/default.json',
* If you experiance problems with zoom, it is probably caused by timezone diff between
* your browser and the graphite-web application. timezoneOffset setting can be used to have Grafana
* translate absolute time ranges to the graphite-web timezone.
* Example:
* If TIME_ZONE in graphite-web config file is set to America/New_York, then set
* timezoneOffset to "-0500" (for UTC - 5 hours)
* Example:
* If TIME_ZONE is set to UTC, set this to "0000"
timezoneOffset: null,
* Elasticsearch index for storing dashboards
grafana_index: "grafana-dash",
* set to false to disable unsaved changes warning
unsaved_changes_warning: true,
panel_names: [
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otoolep commented Jun 11, 2014

Check out the blog post at for full details on how to use this config.

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