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# Cassandra storage config YAML
# See for
# full explanations of configuration directives
# The name of the cluster. This is mainly used to prevent machines in
# one logical cluster from joining another.
Dolines de Limère State Park
public class Add extends Operation{
Add(Node left, Node right) {
super(left, right);
public int execute() {
return op(0).execute() + op(1).execute();
otrack / Dockerfile
Last active November 24, 2023 16:46
FROM python:3.10
RUN pip install
RUN pip install
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y imagemagick
RUN echo "<policy domain=\"coder\" rights=\"read|write\" pattern=\"PDF\" />" >> /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml
ADD /app
otrack /
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Investigating stake-based dissemination in CometBFT


Blockchain is a decade-old technology to construct decentralized trusted storage and applications. At core, this technology relies on replication protocols that connect hundreds to thousands of geo-distributed processes. Participating processes disseminate transactions (such as operations of a smart contract) across the system. They also continously agree on the next block of transactions to add to the chain. At each process, transactions in the chain are executed in order against a local copy of the application.

Assessing the Performance of Cassandra 5 at Scale


Apache Cassandra is one of the most prominent modern storage systems. It offers a complex data model and a rich API (Cassandra Query Language) to write distributed applications. This storage system is able to store petabytes of data and is used in many industry-leading companies as a key building block in the application stack [a]. In particular, Cassandra is extremely robust and able to replicate data consistently across several geo-graphical locations despite network failures, or even an entire datacenter outage.

A new version of Apache Cassandra (version 5) has been announced recently [b].

var mainElt = document.getElementById('main');
var graphElt = document.getElementById('graph');
var mainChart = echarts.init(mainElt);
var graphChart = echarts.init(graphElt);
var headers = []
var headersMap = {
"nodes" : "#nodes",
"propagation_rate" : "propagation rate (%)",
"sent" : "#sent",
.experiments {
display: inline-block;
width: 45%;
height: 80vh;
margin: 2em;
/* background-color: green; */
.graph {
display: inline-block;
We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: Illegal quoting in line 2.
wget --quiet${DBLP_ALIAS}.bib?param=1 -O ${WHO}.bib
i=$(grep DBLP: ${WHO}.bib | wc -l)
while [[ $(grep -q DBLP: ${WHO}.bib; echo $?) -eq 0 ]];
sed 0,/DBLP:[^,]*/s/DBLP:[^,]*/${BIB_ALIAS}${i}/ -i ${WHO}.bib