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import org.apache.spark.sql.types._
val ua_schema = StructType(
StructField("os_minor", StringType, false) ::
StructField("is_bot", BooleanType, false) ::
StructField("os_major", StringType, false) ::
StructField("device_family", StringType, false) ::
StructField("os_family", StringType, false) ::
StructField("browser_family", StringType, false) ::
StructField("browser_minor", StringType, false) ::
StructField("browser_major", StringType, false) ::
StructField("wmf_app_version", StringType, false) ::
StructField("is_mediawiki", BooleanType, false) ::
val t = spark.table("otto_json_refine_test.popups")
val ua_col = from_json(t("useragent"), ua_schema)
val t2 = t.withColumn("useragent", ua_col)
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