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Last active Oct 24, 2017
Git Cheat Sheet

Push an existing repository

$ git remote add origin
$ git push -u origin master]

Go one step back in history

git checkout @~1
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// Server file
class PushNotifications {
// (Android)API access key from Google API's Console.
private static $API_ACCESS_KEY = 'AIzaSyDG3fYAj1uW7VB-wejaMJyJXiO5JagAsYI';
// (iOS) Private key's passphrase.
private static $passphrase = 'joashp';
// (Windows Phone 8) The name of our push channel.
private static $channelName = "joashp";
View push.php
<?php session_start();
$connect = mysql_connect( "localhost", '******', "******");
$url = '';
$headers = array(
'Authorization: key=' . '******',
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