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Recommended: Steve Yegge – Get That Job at Google [web]

  • Carlos Bueno – Get That Job at Facebook [web]
  • Daniel Blumenthal – How to Prepare for Technical Interviews [web]
  • David Byttow – ABC: Always Be Coding [web]
  • David Byttow – Four Steps to Google, Without a Degree [web]
  • Thomas L. Friedman – How to Get a Job at Google [part 1] [part 2]
  • Andrew Rothbart – Preparing for a technical interview with programming contests [web]
  • Steve Yegge – Ten Tips for a (Slightly) Less Awful Resume [web]


Recommended: Steven Skiena – The Algorithm Design Manual [Amazon] [pdf] [web]

  • Jon Bentley – Programming Pearls [Amazon] [web (full text)]
  • Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, Stein – Introduction to Algorithms [Amazon] [pdf]
  • more – Free Programming Books (giant collection) [GitHub]
  • more – IT eBooks [web]
  • more – Free Programming Books [web]

Please support the authors by buying the books.


Recommended: Talentbuddy [web] [free app]

  • Coderust (great selection of problems) [$10 app]
  • Hacker Rank [web]
  • Interview Cake [web]
  • HackerEarth [web]
  • HiredInTech [web]
  • Project Euler [web]
  • Google Code Jam practice problems [web]
  • Top Coder tutorials [web]
  • Infoarena training path (RO) [web]
  • LeetCode Online Judge [web]
  • more – Free Programming Resources [web]
  • more - Web Resources and Tutorials That Don't Suck [web]


Recommended (resume): Gayle McDowell – The Google Resume [Amazon] [pdf]

Recommended (interview): Gayle McDowell – Cracking the Coding Interview [Amazon] [pdf]

  • CareerCup [web]
  • Coding for Interviews [web]
  • Here's How to Prepare for Tech Interviews [reddit]
  • Programming Interviews Exposed [Amazon] [pdf]
  • Elements of Programming Interviews [Amazon] [web]
  • Mina Azib – Resources for Preparing for the Google Interview [web]






Recommended: MIT - Mathematics for Computer Science [Youtube] [web]

  • Graham, Knuth, Patashnik – Concrete Mathematics: A Foundation for Computer Science [Amazon] [pdf]


  • Aaron Swartz – How I Hire Programmers [web]
  • Joel Spolsky – The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing (v.3) [web]
  • Steve Yegge – Done, and Gets Things Smart [web]



Recommended: MIT – Hacking a Google Interview [web]

  • Computer Science Primer / Interview Questions [web]
  • Programming Interview Questions [web]
  • Prismo-Skills [web]
  • Jeff Atwood – How Good an Estimator Are You? [web]
  • Daniel Blumenthal – Questions I Want to Ask, but Can't [web]
  • Steve Yegge – The Five Essential Phone-Screen Questions [web]

Systems Design





Recommended: Candidate Coaching Session: Tech Interviewing [Youtube]

  • Gayle McDowell – Cracking the Coding Interview [Youtube]
  • Gayle McDowell - Cracking the Coding Interview (examples) [one] [two]
  • Hangouts on Air: Google Recruiters Share Interview Tips [technical] [non-technical]
  • Ladies Storm Hackathons: Interview Prep Round 1: Strings, Arrays, Linked Lists [technical]

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