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Last active Mar 16, 2020
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Custom adblocking filters for removing annoyances

oxguy3's adblocking filters

Some filters I wrote to kill some things that annoy me on the web.

If you like this list, you might also check out Fanboy's Annoyance List. That list is a bit too overbearing for my tastes (I actually like seeing RSS links and whatnot), but it's very thorough at blocking a lot of obnoxious junk.


You must already have a adblocking extension on your browser that is compatible with AdBlock Plus filter syntax. I recommend uBlock.

Go to the control panel or options menu for your adblocker, then add this URL as a new 3rd-party filter:

Alternatively, you can manually copy the rules from filters.txt below and paste them into your adblocker's custom filter list. If you do it this way, you will not automatically receive updates, but you will be able to remove any of my rules that you don't like.

[Adblock Plus 2.0]
! Title: oxguy3's adblocking filters
! Expires: 1 hour
! Homepage:
! Licence:
!! smooth scrolling
!! music players with auto-play
!! snow/rain/etc particle effects
! Autumn leaves- by Kurt Grigg
!! right-click blockers
!! browser rejection
! this blocks jquery.reject.js, but without risk of breaking other JS
!! personal preferences
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