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use prebuilt magma binary on windows (from PyTorch)
rem update blas dir and cuda version
set BLAS_DIR=D:\Programs\OpenBLAS-0.3.7-x64
set CUDA_PREFIX=cuda100
set OUTPUT_EXE=build\main
set MAGMA_DIR=%~dp0\build\magma
if not exist %MAGMA_DIR% (
rem using static library precompiled for pytorch
rem Make sure you have 7z and curl installed.
curl -k -o build/magma.7z
7z x -aoa build/magma.7z -obuild/magma
nvcc main.c -o %OUTPUT_EXE% ^
-I%MAGMA_DIR%\include ^
-L%BLAS_DIR%\lib -L%MAGMA_DIR%\lib ^
-lcusparse -lcublas -lmagma -lmagma_sparse -llibopenblas ^
-Xcompiler /MD
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