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Linux Backup Solutions

I've been looking for the best Linux backup system, and also reading lots of HN comments.

Instead of putting pros and cons of every backup system I'll just list some deal-breakers which would disqualify them.

Also I would like that you, the HN community, would add more deal breakers for these or other backup systems if you know some more and at the same time, if you have data to disprove some of the deal-breakers listed here (benchmarks, info about something being true for older releases but is fixed on newer releases), please share it so that I can edit this list accordingly.

  • It has a lot of management overhead and that's a problem if you don't have time for a full time backup administrator.
# graphite-web install is hardcoded in setup.cfg to /opt/graphite
sudo mkdir /opt/graphite
sudo chown brad.users /opt/graphite
# run under python2.7 virtualenv
virtualenv --python=python2.7 ~/ve/graphite
source ~/ve/graphite/bin/activate
# install the necessary python packages (simplejson is for flot graphs)
pip install graphite-web carbon whisper django django-tagging uwsgi simplejson
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