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# Add this to your (or import it from there)
from boto.ec2.connection import EC2Connection
class EC2Resolver(object):
AWS_KEY_ID = 'xxxxxxx'
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY = 'xxxxxx' # Alternitavely take this info from environment variables or some other resource.
def __init__(self):
self.conn = EC2Connection(
self._host_map = None
def _generate_host_map(self):
if self._host_map is None:
self._host_map = {}
for reservation in self.conn.get_all_instances():
for instance in reservation.instances:
self._host_map[instance.tags.get('Name')] = instance.public_dns_name
return self._host_map
def generate_roledef(self, patterns):
Patterns - a mapping between role name and
regular expression to match against. Example:
"db": "swayy-prod-db\d+",
"web": "swayy-prod-web\d+",
"worker": "swayy-prod-worker\d+",
"python": "swayy-prod-(web|worker)\d+", # Will match all web and worker servers
"all": "swayy-prod-.*" # Will match ALL production servers
roledef = {}
host_map = self._generate_host_map()
for role, pattern in patterns.items():
for name in host_map.keys():
if re.match(pattern, name):
if not role in roledef:
roledef[role] = []
return roledef
# usage:
# Instantiate an EC2Resolver object, and replace existing roledefs with
# something like:
# >>> ec2_resolver.generate_roledef({'web': 'prod-.*'})
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