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Install LocalStack (Mac)
pip install --user localstack
brew install nose

Modify ~/.zshrc to add

export PATH="/Users/cynthia/Library/Python/3.6/bin:${PATH}"

Then localstack start should work.

Currently faces a lot of errors from S3 (other people have the same issue):

File "...python/site-packages/localstack/services/s3/", line 32, in check_s3
    assert isinstance(out['Buckets'], list)
TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable

If we are not using S3, it is possible to avoid it if we only start the AWS services we need to work on.

SERVICES=sqs,ec2 localstack start

Use it with Terraform (refer to System testing: Localstack + Terraform)

provider "aws" {
    skip_credentials_validation = true
    skip_metadata_api_check     = true
    s3_force_path_style         = true
    access_key                  = "mock_access_key"
    secret_key                  = "mock_secret_key"
    endpoints {
        dynamodb     = "http://localhost:4569"
        lambda       = "http://localhost:4574"
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