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(06:13:31) rxu: nn- : how's hooks going?
(06:13:44) nn-: not going while i'm reviewing prs
(06:14:23) nn-: but aside from that
(06:14:36) nn-: event dispatcher took care of a good chunk that had to be done
(06:14:52) nn-: so now it's pretty much possible to add ledges everywhere
(06:14:54) nn-: i think
(06:15:06) nn-: there may be still some template issues
(06:16:29) nn-: the extension on/off script has been fixed apparently which was another holdup
(06:17:08) nn-: what we need is approval of the dispatcher and resulting ledge code
(06:17:42) unknownbliss: nn-:
(06:18:02) nn-: - just me and igor talking
(06:18:21) nn-: unknownbliss: yes i saw that, thanks
(06:19:02) nn-:
(06:19:18) nn-: naderman and bantu need to propose something as i'm going with what i have
(06:19:58) nn-: what i have being, e.g.
(06:20:03) nn-: that is how ledges will look
(06:20:56) rxu: nn- : we should probably involve the MOD team into creating ledges
(06:21:23) nn-: anyone can do it
(06:21:23) rxu: it's pretty ordinary thing but should have a lot of them
(06:21:27) nn-: take your favorite mod and start porting it
(06:21:31) nn-: that's exactly what i'm doing
(06:21:51) rxu: I don't mean MODs but rather hook locations
(06:22:03) nn-: yes we do
(06:22:10) unknownbliss: Anyone can suggest hook locations...
(06:22:24) nn-: suggest != patch
(06:22:26) rxu: it's not about suggestions (see related forum)
(06:22:31) rxu: but implementation
(06:22:35) rxu: naderman : exactly
(06:22:49) rxu: : sorry wrong reference
(06:22:52) unknownbliss: Are there any examples of adding a ledge?
(06:22:55) rxu: nn- : exactly
(06:23:04) nn-: (06:19:58) nn-: what i have being, e.g.
(06:23:06) nn-: unknownbliss: ^
(06:23:21) nn-: see commits marked ledges
(06:23:24) rxu: nn- : probably create a ledges topic?
(06:23:28) rxu: on area51
(06:23:47) nn-: which reminds me to force push that
(06:24:43) nn-: done
(06:24:46) unknownbliss: Looking at that adding ledges is easy and I'm sure lots of people would do it if there is a wiki article about creating ledges?
(06:26:00) nn-: rxu: go for it
(06:26:16) nn-: unknownbliss: there may be changes when dispatcher is redone
(06:26:28) nn-: hopefully not (we should retain our coding style as far as that code goes)
(06:26:32) rxu: to do that, I have to precisely understand it first :P
(06:26:46) nn-: aside from that you are correct, it's not rocket science
(06:32:10) rxu: ledges == hook locations <-- is that correct?
(06:32:16) nn-: yes
(06:35:10) unknownbliss: Does each ledge need its own ticket?
(06:35:22) nn-: no
(06:35:24) nn-: 9550 is fine
(06:35:35) nn-: use feature/ledges in the commit messages
(06:35:44) nn-: i think
(06:35:53) nn-: if this causes problems we'll reconsider
(06:36:09) unknownbliss: ok
(06:36:27) nn-: please indicate what the ledge is for in the commit message
(06:36:31) nn-: e.g. mod name or something
(06:36:44) unknownbliss: Sure
(06:37:27) unknownbliss: btw, wouldn't it make sense to add a hook system/ledges component to the tracker?
(06:37:34) rxu: there're 31 RFCs for ledges in dedicated forum
(06:37:56) nn-: i don't think i have the bits for that
(06:38:32) nn-: post this on area51 otherwise it'll be lost/forgotten
(06:38:57) brunoais [~brunoais@] entered the room.
(06:39:03) unknownbliss: There is some confusion from a community POV about adding hooks. Do they need to be RFC'd etc. or can someone just patch it using the ticket you mentioned?
(06:39:08) unknownbliss: ok
(06:39:48) rxu: we aren't rushing too much with 5.3-mandatory, are we?
(06:40:08) rxu: how many distributions have 5.3 incorporated?
(06:40:15) nn-: rxu: all of them
(06:40:21) nn-: did you read the proposed announcement? :)
(06:40:25) brunoais: all of the ones I know
(06:40:27) rxu: really? I did :)
(06:40:48) nn-: unknownbliss: do a couple of ledges and we'll see
(06:40:58) nn-: honestly i'm not sure how much process/formality is necessary there
(06:41:17) nn-: if they look legitimate i'll add them to my diff
(06:41:40) nn-: ultimately i suppose the idea is to have potentially every single line of code be a ledge
(06:41:51) nn-: at least we never discussed at what point we say we have enough ledges
(06:42:06) nn-: we also don't know what performance hit they will result in
(06:42:21) nn-: so i would suggest just starting with a couple and we'll take it from there
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