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#Requires -Module Applocker
#Requires -PSEdition Desktop
#Requires -RunAsAdministrator
Function Clear-ApplockerLocalPolicy {
Begin {}
Process {
Try {
$null = Get-AppLockerPolicy -Local -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
<AppLockerPolicy Version="1">
<RuleCollection Type="Exe" EnforcementMode="NotConfigured" />
<RuleCollection Type="Msi" EnforcementMode="NotConfigured" />
<RuleCollection Type="Script" EnforcementMode="NotConfigured" />
<RuleCollection Type="Dll" EnforcementMode="NotConfigured" />
<RuleCollection Type="Appx" EnforcementMode="NotConfigured" />
) |
Set-AppLockerPolicy -ErrorAction Stop
Write-Verbose -Message 'Successfully cleared local Applocker policy'
} catch {
Write-Error $_
End {}
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