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  • One side effect of using GitHub Gists as a data store is the ability to track how documents change over time, in addition to their current contents. It's really fun to see how documents change over time!

  • The automatic saving feature to a cloud service is incredibly reassuring for me.

Next features

  • A menu status bar at all times at the top of the screen showing the current time, updated every second, and status of the app

  • Ability to modify certain settings like the API oAuth keys and preferred update duration online, perhaps by using a QR code read by Glass populated online that conveys JSON information

    • achieved for the time-being: using uncommitted file that the developer will have to fill out
  • Ability to add a photo using a keyboard shortcut (this is pretty hard :( )

  • Help docs:

    • lists keyboard shortcuts
    • lists installation instructions
  • Hello! You're seeing me edit this GitHub document on my Google Glass emulator! Isn't it really cool?

  • My aim with this project is to allow people, like myself, to take notes in class, much like Thad Starner did in his education at MIT.

  • Saving is done automatically. See the "Saved:" indicator at the top of the screen.

  • To exit, simply key in : followed by x. The two characters in sequence will be stripped from the file and the file will be saved, exiting you to the main menu.

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