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Last active January 17, 2019 20:14
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# NOTE: specify the absolutepath to the directory to use when
# loading a plugin. '~' expansion is supported.
chunkc core::plugin_dir /usr/local/opt/chunkwm/share/chunkwm/plugins
# NOTE: if enabled, chunkwm will monitor the specified plugin_dir
# and automatically reload any '.so' file that is changed.
chunkc core::hotload 1
chunkc core::load
chunkc core::load
chunkc core::load
# NOTE: the following are config variables for the chunkwm-tiling plugin.
chunkc set global_desktop_mode bsp
chunkc set 2_desktop_mode monocle
chunkc set 5_desktop_mode float
chunkc set global_desktop_offset_top 0
chunkc set global_desktop_offset_bottom 0
chunkc set global_desktop_offset_left 0
chunkc set global_desktop_offset_right 0
chunkc set global_desktop_offset_gap 3
chunkc set desktop_padding_step_size 10.0
chunkc set desktop_gap_step_size 5.0
chunkc set bsp_spawn_left 1
chunkc set bsp_optimal_ratio 1.618
chunkc set bsp_split_mode optimal
chunkc set bsp_split_ratio 0.5
chunkc set monitor_focus_cycle 1
chunkc set window_focus_cycle monitor
chunkc set mouse_follows_focus 0
chunkc set window_float_next 0
chunkc set window_float_center 1
chunkc set window_region_locked 1
chunkc set mouse_modifier fn
chunkc set preselect_border_color 0xffd75f5f
chunkc set preselect_border_width 0
chunkc set preselect_border_radius 0
chunkc set focused_border_color 0xff0f6288
chunkc set focused_border_width 0
chunkc set focused_border_radius 0
chunkc set focused_border_skip_floating 0
# Set custom bar offset
chunkc set custom_bar_enabled 1
chunkc set custom_bar_all_monitors 1
chunkc set custom_bar_offset_top 30
chunkc set custom_bar_offset_bottom 30
chunkc set custom_bar_offset_left 0
chunkc set custom_bar_offset_right 0
# Set binding to use for resizing windows with the mouse
chunkc set mouse_resize_window alt 1
# Set binding to use for moving windows with the mouse
chunkc set mouse_move_window shift 1
# Set Global Alpha with wildcard owner settings *
chunkc tiling::rule --owner .* --alpha 0.5
# NOTE: Settings below only work when sip is disabled.
# ($ sudo chunkwm --install-sa)
# Enable fading of windows that are not in focus.
chunkc set window_fade_inactive 1
# The target alpha value for faded windows
chunkc set window_fade_alpha 0.65
# The amount of time in seconds the fade should last
chunkc set window_fade_duration 0.5
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