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Gitkins Light
package main
import (
var (
githubToken = "c14XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXda6"
client *github.Client
pending = "pending"
success = "success"
failure = "error"
targetUrl = ""
pendingDesc = "Build/testing in progress, please wait."
successDesc = "Build/testing successful."
failureDesc = "Build or Unit Test failed."
appName = "TEST-CI"
func main() {
// Setup the token for github authentication
ts := oauth2.StaticTokenSource(
&oauth2.Token{AccessToken: githubToken}, //pfortin-urbn token
tc := oauth2.NewClient(oauth2.NoContext, ts)
// Get a client instance from github
client = github.NewClient(tc)
// Github is now ready to receive information from us!!!
//Setup the serve route to receive guthub events
http.HandleFunc("/event", EventHandler)
// Start the server
log.Fatal(http.ListenAndServe(":8081", nil))
//This is the event handler for github events.
func EventHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
event_type := r.Header.Get("X-GitHub-Event")
if event_type == "pull_request" {
pr_event := new(github.PullRequestEvent)
if *pr_event.PullRequest.State == "open" {
log.Printf("Event Type: %s, Created by: %s\n", event_type, pr_event.PullRequest.Base.User.Login)
log.Printf("Message: %s\n", r.Body)
status1 := &github.RepoStatus{State: &pending, TargetURL: &targetUrl, Description: &pendingDesc, Context: &appName}
client.Repositories.CreateStatus(*pr_event.PullRequest.Base.User.Login, *pr_event.PullRequest.Base.Repo.Name, *pr_event.PullRequest.Head.SHA, status1)
// sleep for 30 seconds
time.Sleep(30 * time.Second)
log.Println("Returning Success")
status2 := &github.RepoStatus{State: &success, TargetURL: &targetUrl, Description: &successDesc, Context: &appName}
client.Repositories.CreateStatus(*pr_event.PullRequest.Base.User.Login, *pr_event.PullRequest.Base.Repo.Name, *pr_event.PullRequest.Head.SHA, status2)
log.Println("Handler exiting...")
} else {
log.Println("PR state not open or reopen")
} else {
log.Printf("Event %s not supported yet.\n", event_type)
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