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Created Sep 27, 2011
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rrule converter
from dateutil import parser, rrule
class BaseArgConverter(object):
def convert_value(self, value):
"""convert either a single value or sequence"""
sequence = value.split(',')
if len(sequence) > 1:
return map(self._convert_value, sequence)
return self._convert_value(value)
class ConstantArgConverter(BaseArgConverter):
kwargs = {'freq', 'wkst'}
def _convert_value(self, value):
return getattr(rrule, value.upper())
class BooleanArgConverter(BaseArgConverter):
kwargs = {'cache'}
def _convert_value(self, value):
return bool(value)
class DateTimeArgConverter(BaseArgConverter):
kwargs = {'dtstart', 'until'}
def _convert_value(self, value):
return parser.parse(value)
class IntegerArgConverter(BaseArgConverter):
kwargs = {'bysetpos', 'bymonth', 'bymonthday', 'byyearday',
'byweekno','byweekday', 'byhour', 'byminute', 'bysecond', 'byeaster',
'count', 'interval'
def _convert_value(self, value):
return int(value)
class ArgConverter(object):
registry = {
ConstantArgConverter, BooleanArgConverter,
DateTimeArgConverter, IntegerArgConverter,
def __init__(self):
self.arg_to_converter = dict()
for converter_class in self.registry:
converter = converter_class()
for kwarg in converter.kwargs:
self.arg_to_converter[kwarg.lower()] = converter
def convert(self, kwarg, value):
converter = self.arg_to_converter[kwarg.lower()]
return converter.convert_value(value)
class RruleConverter(object):
arg_converter = ArgConverter()
def _convert(self, raw_rrule):
args_raw = raw_rrule.split(';')
rrule_kwargs = dict()
for arg_raw in args_raw:
kwarg, value = arg_raw.split('=')
type_safe_value = self.arg_converter.convert(kwarg, value)
rrule_kwargs[kwarg.lower()] = type_safe_value
return rrule.rrule(**rrule_kwargs)
def convert(self, raw_rrules):
if isinstance(raw_rrules, (list, tuple)) and len(raw_rrules) > 1:
return map(self._convert, raw_rrules)
return self._convert(raw_rrules)
if __name__ == '__main__':
rrule_converter = RruleConverter()
rrule_raw = ['FREQ=DAILY;BYHOUR=10;BYMINUTE=00;UNTIL=20070527T235959', 'FREQ=DAILY;BYHOUR=17;BYMINUTE=00;UNTIL=20070527T235959', 'FREQ=DAILY;INTERVAL=1']
print rrule_converter.convert(rrule_raw)
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