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function Download-FileFromWebApp($resourceGroupName, $webAppName, $slotName = "", $kuduPath, $localPath){
$kuduApiAuthorisationToken = Get-KuduApiAuthorisationHeaderValue $resourceGroupName $webAppName $slotName
if ($slotName -eq ""){
$kuduApiUrl = "https://$$kuduPath"
$kuduApiUrl = "https://$webAppName`-$$kuduPath"
$virtualPath = $kuduApiUrl.Replace(".scm.azurewebsites.", ".azurewebsites.").Replace("/api/vfs/site/wwwroot", "")
Write-Host " Downloading File from WebApp. Source: '$virtualPath'. Target: '$localPath'..." -ForegroundColor DarkGray
Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $kuduApiUrl `
-Headers @{"Authorization"=$kuduApiAuthorisationToken;"If-Match"="*"} `
-Method GET `
-OutFile $localPath `
-ContentType "multipart/form-data"
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