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Improving Jeremy Keith's CAT news example from
var cat = {};
* cat.NewsBox
* Retrieves news from Google
cat.NewsBox = (function(){
function NewsBox(searchTerm, injectFn) {
this.searchTerm = searchTerm;
this.injectFn = injectFn;
this.dom = document.createElement('div');
NewsBox.getURL = '';
NewsBox.template = '\
<a href="{unescapedUrl}">\
NewsBox.prototype = {
get: function() {
// Process JSONP request
var me = this,
callback = '_' + +new Date,
script = document.createElement('script');
script.src = NewsBox.getURL
+ '?v=1.0&q=' + this.searchTerm
+ '&callback=' + callback;
window[callback] = function(data) {
delete window[callback];
populate: function(news) {
var html = [];
// Populate the template (tokens: `{...}`)
for (var item, i = 0, l = news.length; i < l; ++i) {
item = news[i];
html[i] = NewsBox.template.replace(
function($0, $1){
return item.hasOwnProperty($1) ? item[$1] : $0;
this.dom.innerHTML = html.join('');
return NewsBox;
new cat.NewsBox('cats', function() {
// Inject news list into the document:

Solid. I would change the exposed NewsBox constructor to be topic and url nescient, but that's a nitpick. This is what we should be teaching in JavaScript related blogs, I endorse :)


I just reread that and realized I was totally unclear, sorry. I'm on my phone so creating code to explain isn't really an option - so I retract, hahaha :)


You mean the topic and URL should be implicit (not configurable)? I guess it would depend on the situation. For this example, I think I agree with you. Even so, I love config options :D


Ah, nevermind. Apparently I didn't know the meaning of "nescient". Cool word.



This looks great and I wish more JavaScript bloggers put at least this much effort into their example code.

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