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Python Google spreadsheets v4 API example. Google spreadsheet access management example. Use google drive v3 API for access management
"""Google spreadsheet related.
Packages required: oauth2client, google-api-python-client
from oauth2client.service_account import ServiceAccountCredentials
from apiclient import discovery
def get_credentials(scopes: list) -> ServiceAccountCredentials:
c = ServiceAccountCredentials.from_json_keyfile_name('auth.json', scopes)
return c
class API:
def __init__(self, credentials):
self._credentials = credentials
def build(self, service, version):
return, version, credentials=self._credentials)
def get_api_kwargs(self):
return {
'credentials': self._credentials,
class Spreadsheet(API):
def __init__(self, info, **kwargs):
self._info = info
def id(self):
return self._info['spreadsheetId']
def permissions(self):
permissions = self._get_permissions()
anyone = None
writers = []
readers = []
for x in permissions:
type = x['type'] #: 'user', 'anyone', 'group', 'domain'
role = x['role'] #: 'owner', 'commenter', 'reader', 'writer'
if type == 'anyone':
if role in ['owner', 'writer']:
anyone = 'write'
elif role in ['reader']:
anyone = 'read'
elif role in ['commenter']:
anyone = 'comment'
elif type == 'user':
x = self._get_permission(x['id'])
if role in ['owner', 'writer']:
lst = writers
elif role in ['reader', 'commenter']:
lst = readers
raise RuntimeError('Protocol role unknown!')
return {
'anyone': anyone,
'writers': writers,
'readers': readers,
def set_permissions(self, anyone=None, writers=None, readers=None):
assert anyone in [None, 'writer', 'write',
'reader', 'read', 'w', 'r'], 'not in ["r", "w"]'
drive ='drive', 'v3')
if anyone:
role = {
'r': 'reader',
'read': 'reader',
'reader': 'reader',
'w': 'writer',
'write': 'writer',
'writer': 'writer',
body = {
'role': role[anyone],
'type': 'anyone',
drive.permissions().create(, body=body).execute()
if writers:
body = {
'role': 'writer',
'type': 'user',
'emailAddress': writers,
drive.permissions().create(, body=body).execute()
if readers:
body = {
'role': 'reader',
'type': 'user',
'emailAddress': readers,
drive.permissions().create(, body=body).execute()
def _get_permissions(self):
drive ='drive', 'v3')
r = drive.permissions().list(
permissions = r.get('permissions', [])
return permissions
def _get_permission(self, id):
drive ='drive', 'v3')
fields = 'allowFileDiscovery,displayName,domain,emailAddress,' \
permission = drive.permissions().get(, permissionId=id, fields=fields)
return permission.execute()
def append(self, data, gray=False, sheet=0):
spreadsheets ='sheets', 'v4').spreadsheets()
value = lambda x: { # noqa
"userEnteredValue": {"stringValue": str(x)},
"userEnteredFormat": {"backgroundColor": {
"red": 0.8, "green": 0.8, "blue": 0.8, "alpha": 0.5}
} if gray else {
"userEnteredValue": {"stringValue": str(x)}
rows = [{"values": [value(cell) for cell in row]} for row in data]
body = {
"requests": [
"appendCells": {
"sheetId": sheet,
"rows": rows,
"fields": "*",
return spreadsheets.batchUpdate(, body=body) \
def __str__(self):
return "Sheet(%s)" %
class Spreadsheets(API):
def create(self, title, anyone=None, writers=None, readers=None):
assert anyone in [None, 'write', 'read', 'comment', 'w', 'r', 'c'], \
'not in ["r", "w", "c"]'
sheets ='sheets', 'v4')
body = {'properties': {'title': title}}
res = sheets.spreadsheets().create(body=body).execute()
spreadsheer = Spreadsheet(res, **self.get_api_kwargs())
spreadsheer.set_permissions(anyone=anyone, writers=writers,
return spreadsheer
def get(self, id):
sheets ='sheets', 'v4')
res = sheets.spreadsheets().get(spreadsheetId=id).execute()
return Spreadsheet(res, **self.get_api_kwargs())
def create_example():
credentials = get_credentials([
api = Spreadsheets(credentials=credentials)
sheet = api.create('test1', writers=[''])
def append_data_example():
credentials = get_credentials([
api = Spreadsheets(credentials=credentials)
sheet = api.get('1jSHsmPTOOiPXdYQlrVBwbo3MO1vp64lmi5R_Ld_duKo')
sheet.append([[1, 2], [3, 4]])
if __name__ == '__main__':

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This code is not working. Please help me out to resolve the problem.


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