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Remote Docker Host for M1 laptop
  1. Open a new Amazon Linux 2 EC2(amd64) on AWS. Make it spot instance if you prefer.

ssh ec2-user@<EC2_IP> into the EC2 instance:

# install and start docker
$ sudo yum install -y docker
$ sudo service docker start
# add `ec2-user` into the `docker` group
$ sudo usermod -a -G docker ec2-user
# run newgrp as `ec2-user` to make it effective
$ newgrp docker
  1. OK now in any IDE or terminal of your Macbook M1 laptop:

Make sure you can ssh into the machine with public key auth

ssh ec2-user@<EC2_IP>

OK export the DOCKER_HOST env var

export DOCKER_HOST=ssh://ec2-user@<EC2_IP> 

Run docker ps again

docker ps

Now your docker host is running on the EC2 now. Enjoy your daily development in your favorite IDE on M1.


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