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from burp import IBurpExtender, ISessionHandlingAction
class BurpExtender(IBurpExtender):
def registerExtenderCallbacks(self, callbacks):
class CsrfSessionHandler(ISessionHandlingAction):
def __init__(self, helpers):
self.helpers = helpers
def getActionName(self):
return "CSRF Session Handler"
def performAction(self, currentRequest, macroItems):
responseInfo = self.helpers.analyzeResponse(macroItems[0].getResponse())
for header in responseInfo.getHeaders():
if header.startswith('Csrf-Token: '):
csrf_token = header.split(': ')[1]
request = currentRequest.getRequest()
requestInfo = self.helpers.analyzeRequest(request)
headers = requestInfo.getHeaders()
headers = [h for h in headers if not h.startswith('Csrf-Token: ')]
headers.append('Csrf-Token: ' + csrf_token)
body = request[requestInfo.getBodyOffset():]
updatedRequest = self.helpers.buildHttpMessage(headers, body)
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