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1. Remote Code Injection in SAAS CMS (<=3.0)
The writeLog function in fn_common.php in GPS Tracking Software (self hosted) through 3.0 allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary PHP code via a crafted request that is mishandled during admin log viewing, as demonstrated by
<?php system($_GET[cmd]); ?>
in a login request. Each POST request goes through mysql_real_escape_string() function which will add slashes behind quotes so the payload code shouldn't include any quote. The header of the file where code is injected allows only Admin to view the file which makes it less of a RCE. But there is another vulnerability (explained below) which allows an attacker to hijack account hence making the RCE exploitable with 100% success.
2. Admin Account Hijack in SAAS CMS (2.x) GPS Tracking Software (self hosted) 2.x has a password reset procedure that immediately resets passwords upon an unauthenticated request, and then sends e-mail with a predictable (date-based) password to the admin, which makes it easier for remote attackers to obtain access by predicting this new password. This is related to the use of gmdate for password creation in fn_connect.php.
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