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Boyer-Moore-Horspool Python implementation
class BoyerMoore:
def __init__(self, text, pattern):
self.text = text
self.pattern = pattern
self.m = len(pattern)
self.n = len(text)
self.skip = []
for i in range(256): self.skip.append(-1)
for i in range(self.m): self.skip[ord(pattern[i])] = self.m
def search(self):
for i in range(self.n + self.m + 1):
skip = 0
for j in range(self.m-1, -1, -1):
if self.text[i+j] != self.pattern[j]:
skip = j - self.skip[ord(self.text[i+j])]
if skip < 1: skip = 1
if skip == 0:
print "Found at {0}".format(i)
i += skip
print "Not Found"
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Lazaruz00 commented Sep 10, 2020

why in range, the number is specified as 256?

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pforderique commented Apr 9, 2021

why in range, the number is specified as 256?

Hi Lazaruz00,
I believe that instead of using a hashing implementation of the "bad match table" with a dictionary, this implementation instead uses a direct access array for all 256 ASCII characters and places them using the ord() function.

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