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Xbox Controller Button Names and Layout


  • RSB == Right Stick Button
  • LSB == Left Stick Button
  • RB == Right Bumper
  • RT == Right Trigger
  • LB == Left Bumper
  • LT == Left Trigger
  • Y == Y Button (Top)
  • A == A Button (Bottom)
  • X == X Button (Left)
  • B == B Button (Right)


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LonnyYT commented Mar 9, 2021

This helps me because i don't have an xbox and i lose the button controls really easly

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Afamuefuna commented May 30, 2021

Nice, thanks

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hanifsetyananda commented Jan 24, 2022

i still dont get it why they called RT = Right Trigger rather than easier one RT = Right Top , RB = Right Bottom

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palmerj commented Jan 25, 2022

Shrug... Maybe they really wanted to delineate between a button and a trigger.

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Zodiac193 commented Jul 2, 2022

Thank you

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